From the flames..

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My last blog post was about how I loved my studio at Burlees House in Hebden Bridge and well a lot has changed since then I guess!

I am sitting writing in a new studio that still needs some creases ironing out but is working and pretty and I can paint here. Next month it will be half a year since not just my studio but some of my dear friend's spaces were lost in a fire.

Only now am I tackling one of the two paintings I managed to save. This morning I have given this fresh paint layers where it was a bit smokey..

It feels good to restore it. I found it underneath the ceiling (that had fallen on to the floor). I pulled the mess off it and the colours and image were still there.

Now I am grateful I have this lovely space in my house to paint and teach from. Although it has been really hard work to create it I am so aware that it wouldn't even exist like this without the help I received from the community I live in. 

Out of the flames came a stronger love and respect for the town I live in. Out of the flames I saved "Mist and Valley".

I have listed it in my shop, here. I am certain it will find its way to the right home. 


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