After school clubs and school projects.


I am available to teach school projects. I currently teach day projects but here are some past art clubs I taught.


Rowley Lane Junior, Infants and Nursery School, Lepton, Huddersfield

After school club: six weeks, one hour session, pupils aged 6-11

Woodland animals and printmaking

The pupils discussed woodland animals and made sketches. They monoprinted backgrounds based on woods, barns and fields, using textured materials and stencils. They then drew, printed and cut out woodland animals to glue on to their pictures. They learnt about composition, colour theory, habitats and woodland animals, sketching and printmaking.


Battyeford Infant and Junior School, Mirfield

After school club: six weeks, one hour sessions,pupils aged 6-11


The pupils discussed my artwork after being shown my portfolio. They learnt about 'mini beasts' or insects. They sketched insects, then mono printed backgrounds that would be suitable for their chosen mini beast. They drew and mono printed their creatures and finally added them to their backgrounds.


After school club: six weeks, one hour sessions, pupils aged 7-11

Birds and trees

This was a drawing and printing project based on my artwork. The pupils used graphite sticks and water to draw trees on canvas. Branches and twigs were brought into the classroom so the children could draw from life. They sketched out birds and mono printed patterns on them, layering a variety of textures. They used feathers, bubble wrap, corks, bottle tops, netting and string to print with. The birds were glued on to the canvasses and some pupils used a blue wash for their backgrounds.

This project culminated in an exhibition at Brooks Delicatessan, Mirfield.

The children learnt about my art practice, drawing techniques including drawing from life and shading, printmaking and colour theory.



Hrystmount Junior School, Batley

Drawing project: one day per class, pupils aged 7

The pupils had been learning about explorers in class. This drawing project was devised to compliment what they had learnt about plants and food that were brought in to England by explorers. It also focussed on drawing from life and techniques such as quick sketches and shading.

The children completed quick sketches of plants; drawing using continuous line, using dashes, drawing with their non dominent hand and without looking. They then completed their finished pencil drawing using line and shading.


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