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I never knew when I painted this;

that it would take on a life of its own.

Last year I got a call from an interior designer explaining that she was currently filming Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr and would like to use one of my paintings in her design scheme. It was for a restaurant in my hometown; Chapter 17. I was flattered to be asked and Lynsey (Lynsey Ford Designs) was really lovely to work with.

The process and end result can be seen on this episode. It is such a beautiful space and I can't wait to go and have a meal there.

I called the painting "It made sense when we walked" and it is about how nature can clear your head and make you feel better. But also how being on a walk with someone you care for, without the pressures and distractions is so precious.

My moon print and curlew were also part of the scheme!

I sold the original painting but if you like the landscape, I have prints available here.

Now I am excited to see the final next week!



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