Little Paintings

Posted by Julia Ogden on

For a long time I have been talking with the gallery; Hawksbys about making little paintings. With the impetus of having open studios I finally got down to it, making some for that and some for the gallery.

I really tried to see them as painted sketches but I do find that challenging.I like everything to be perfect.But I feel the more I do, the more I understand the idea that you can sometimes paint the life out of a piece.

So these feel quite fresh and immediate. Here are some of them:

Hawksbys are stocking some of them and I will definitely make more. They make me think about colour and composition in a really succinct way too.

I made a playlist that was supposed to fit with this blog post, I am not sure it does, but it has a bit of grunge energy and some songs are about being quick! You can listen here.

Thank you for reading x


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