New Linen Cushions

Posted by Julia Ogden on

I was trying to think when I last learnt a new skill. With my artwork I am always trying to develop but I haven't tried a completely different process for a while.

After Christmas I found out I had got into the Hepworth Print Fair .I began to imagine my stand and thought although I use blocks of colour in my prints and cards I would love to have some larger blasts of colour by way of printed fabrics. So I began drawing designs for cushions. I am no pattern designer so I felt one large image on the cushion front would be best and in keeping with the rest of my artwork.

The printing on fabric went really well, I have struggled screen printing on material in the past, so this was a relief. So just the matter of sewing..I bought a machine and it felt so great to make a new product. There is something lovely about mastering a new skill.

I hope you like them, I feel really pleased with them. They are a 100% linen and have a good quality feather inner.Nice and soft!


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