Notes on Summer

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These past few weeks I have been redrawing and painting the notes on summer originals that got lost in my studio. Notes on Summer was a book I made last year (all the pristine books arrived in my studio just before the fire!)

It has taken me such a long time to do the drawings again but I am finding some joy in that they look better second time round. Practise makes perfect! 

I made the drawings with the idea that I wanted them to have the feel of my sketchbooks.To be a bit free! I painted washes in watercolour with drawing over the top. That way they remained quite sketchy and I thought about how important white space is on the page.

I was quite worried about writing poems to go with them but I really wanted the illustrations to have some context. So I tried to approach them in the same way as my drawings: like little sketches. Less pressure that way! 

My book is available to buy here.

I made a playlist, a little about starting over, a bit about energy and a bit about being kind to yourself. You can listen here. x


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