Painted Skies

Posted by Julia Ogden on

Sometimes you decide to go for a walk and then the weather starts conspiring against you. The skies darken and the horizontal rain says hello. Sometimes you stay in, missing the open space and spending too much time on your phone. Then sometimes you think, blow it, I am going anyway. 

So me and my friend grabbed our coats and went up into the hills. And it was glorious. The rain stopped on cue. Curlews, kestrels and bats! Swooped, glided and fluttered around us.

Rabbits hopped and little lambs tails shook.

And the skies looked like this...

They made me feel so inspired. My love of skies grows. But for now I collected some of the ones I have painted so far..

And started dreaming about the ones I hope to paint.

Happy Sunday. I hope you have a sky-full of dreams.  x



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