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I have been really lucky during lockdown to have a couple of commissions to paint. It meant when the world seemed a bit bonkers I could find sanctuary in my painting.

The first which I was finishing really at the beginning of lockdown was the client's house and view across the fields. They wanted a big sky, which suited me perfectly!

I really enjoyed layering the colours for the atmospheric sky and introducing brighter colours. 

 The second was an anniversary present and of the bluebells in the woods. We are extremely lucky in Hebden Bridge to get carpets of blue starting in April.

I had already been discovering new woods through delivering little parcels of card orders to all the lovely people that ordered them!


There was a lot of detail in this painting, at first I was a bit overwhelmed by it, but I knew the challenge would be good for me too!

I really wanted it to be about light and have slightly abstract elements to it. I am really pleased with how it turned out.




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