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I have been really focussed on my painting lately, so I thought it would be nice to look back on some of my screen prints. Screen printing was my first love. At Edinburgh College of Art I was always in the print room. The print department was really inspiring there and because I studied illustration the focus on taking your drawings to print was very strong. 

I remember walking down the corridors to the print room clutching my fragile lined drawings and the technician; Ronnie telling me they were too delicate for screen printing. I was always very drawing rather than graphically minded so I was trying to push the medium to describe texture and shading. Ronnie was very patient and kind and we always managed to get something I could print.

 I walked the corridors again on a visit in 2019; it confirmed that old building is really special.

Our studio view.

After Edinburgh I did an MA in Brighton, again in Illustration and again with lots of screen printing. After I left though I didn't have access to the equipment I needed and kind of fell into painting. I didn't screen print again until I moved back to Yorkshire and found the West Yorkshire Print Workshop and then later the Egg Factory. Now I obviously do both. I have lately been thinking about ways of combining them. I feel like this could be an exciting new chapter!

If you are interested in seeing my screen prints I have a selection in my shop.

I still push the technique a bit and try to describe texture and delicacy in my images.

Here is a small peek:





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