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Now Open Studios have finished I am starting to think about Hebden Bridge Print fair, do you know I have been a printmaker 25 years? 

It is how I began I began my artistic journey; studying illustration at Edinburgh College of Art and falling in love with screen printing.

Now I make cards, limited edition prints and hand printed products. The things I love about printing are:

1. You can turn a black and white pen drawing into a colourful image...and colour brings me joy.

2. The methodical nature of it, once I have set the screen up (which takes a while) I can be productive and repetitive; a different journey to painting.

3. It opens up new world of things to print on and make.

For the print fair I am planning a new range of printed goods called"one colour stories". For years I have been struggling with my prints being a different style to my paintings. This year I am embracing it and really celebrating the simplicity of a good drawing. The more colours I print, the more time consuming it is and therefore the more expensive it is to make. With one colour stories I can produce a range centred around my drawings at an affordable price. And make a range with a colour palette that flows and compliments..there with the colour again!

Here is the first beginning of a sketch. I am taking things from my favourite  walks, this one is the woods near me that often look magical; with the water glinting below and the light through the trees.

I will keep you posted on the drawings and the printing..I am excited to get inky again!


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