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So after doing the March Meet the Maker challenge on Instagram, I thought I would have a break, but it is funny how you get into a routine of posting!

I then saw the 100 day project in which people pledge to be creative every day for 100 days. This idea felt a little overwhelming but I thought about what creative things I really wanted to do but knew I often push to the side. Here was the perfect opportunity to give myself not only a little friendly pressure but also the permission to make art just to be creative.

So I have begun the 100 day project, focussing on my landscape paintings.I have called my project "Grey Clouds and Green" as I particularly wanted to make some northern, cloudy paintings!  I knew that I wouldn't do a painting a day, but I also knew it would really help me focus on them and if I did something towards that everyday they would seem less of a gigantic task. My paintings take me a very long time and that can feel very daunting even though I love making them.

So here is a selection of the Instagram posts so far, some paintings, some sketchbook work and some ideas. 

What would your 100 day project be?





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