In the Springtime..

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So along with people who have bought summer seating, spring clothes and barbecues, I have probably contributed to the snow this week as I decided at the beginning I would write a blog about my Spring paintings..

About this time last year when lockdown was all weird and new, the sun came out. I remember delivering local orders; walking paths I had never trodden with my phone in hand, optimistically following arrows.

The woods were full of blue..

 At the same time I was commissioned to paint some bluebell woods. It was such a lovely painting to do for the nicest people. The commissions I have received during this time have really given me a focus and kept me going.

Here are some of the stages of painting:


I did my usual (long) process of layering colours, but with such lovely colours to spend time with; I didn't mind at all.

This was the finished piece.

This morning when I went for a walk there were little hellos of blue despite the snow..

They felt hopeful.

I have prints of "Woodlands and Sunbeams" if you are looking out of the window at the intermittent cold and wishing for some Spring.

Happy Weekend x


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