Moons and multiples

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I have always felt much more at ease making multiple drawings and paintings. My sketchbooks at college were filled with pages that flowed and linked yet when it came to a final piece I seized up. Maybe it was the pressure.

So now I try and approach my artwork as sketchbook pages; part of a bigger theme not just one statement. One of the themes I return to time and again is the moon. I started drawing it as a development from the circles I was using in my prints; it was the perfect circle; with detail and meaning.

Kingfisher with an exaggerated sunshine that became a motif.

 My first moon print, that ended up in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition!

I have printed this design on bags, cushions and limited editions. I love seeing it in different formats, here are some of them:

Now I am dabbling with painting moons, so far just small ones for cards but hopefully soon, some bigger pieces.

Currently available as a card.

Soon to be available as a card! 

What do you like about the moon? I find it comforting and fascinating, the way it controls the tides; it makes me feel small but part of nature all at the same time.


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