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I am easing back into working in my studio. I feel so blessed to have it; the windows are amazing. Obviously with lockdown it felt better to work at home, because I have a desk there and don't need much else. But I had a few collections to be there for, so I am enjoying the light, the blossom outside my window and the goldfinches at my bird feeder! 

I have been in the studio about six years I think! It came about because I was looking for a place to teach my art classes. I knew the amazing Hannah Nunn had a spare room and I asked if I could hire it sometimes. She then said "Why don't you just have it all the time?" And so I did. 

It is a lovely creative hub with Sarah Mason Photography next door to me and Hannah down the corridor. I couldn't ask for better studio mates.

I am currently working on commissions there.

 It is a warm, bright place. Perfect for being productive and inspired.

What is your favourite place to work?



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