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After endless interviews for teaching jobs that I never got or in the end did not even exist (due to cuts in the arts) I decided to just create my own classes. This was about eight years ago and I just needed a venue. I remembered that my friend Hannah had a spare room at her studio and so I plucked up the courage to ask if I could use the room sometimes for workshops.  She said; "Why don't you just have it as your studio all the time?" and I thought ; "Why not?"

I don't think I was aware in that moment what a haven it would be to me. It is a bright, big windowed space with blossom trees just outside. When I moved into it, I was living in the darkest, dampest flat in Hebden Bridge (the downside to living in a Valley) and the contrast of my warm, bright studio was such a gift.

It is not just the bricks and mortar though, it is being around lovely creatives such as Hannah and Sarah and Suzi (Sarah Mason Photography). Lots of my growth has come from the little seeds from lunchtime chats or cardamon buns and tea on a Thursday morning (a tradition now).

Brushes that I don't really look after too well!

Paper for wrapping orders.

Lovely light.

It is a beautiful place to work; it is central enough that I hear some of the bustle of town in the distance but it is quiet enough that I hear the birds that to and fro to my bird feeder.

It is just perfect.


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