New Moon

Posted by Julia Ogden on

It has been a long time since I have drawn a moon in pen, so the other week I did! I drew it with a view to screen printing it.

I have been mulling over how to draw a crescent moon with some kind of circle background as I really loved the sphere motif.

I started sketching, not really sure how it would turn out..

I knew the circle in the background would need to be dark, but I still wanted some detail. This would prove tricky to print but I didn't know that for sure yet.

My first attempt at screen printing it didn't really work. I lost all the detail in the dark area (too dark) and on the crescent moon (too light). 

So I made another screen and Amy at the Egg Factory (who scans my art in and is a genius at getting my drawings ready to print) slightly pixelated the image to help pick up the detail. The second attempt was much better!

So this new moon has taught me to persevere, have faith in my drawing and to ask for help when I need it!

Have you had any life lessons this week? 


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